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We're pleased to announce a chance for you to buy an ARC shirt before the coming Nationals later this year in the US and UK.  Due to the amount of work required in packing and processing these order, it's very doubtful that these shirts will be available again before these events.

Click on images below to see larger images
White with Black Trim Polo Grey Plain Polo Grey T-Shirt

We currently have 3 items available the polos have an embroidered logo, and the t-shirt has a printed one.  The logo on the top (see below) is the embroidered logo for the polo shirt....the lower logo is the printed logo for the gray t-shirt.  There is also a plain gray polo.

Order form is further down on this webpage

Here are the details to purchase thanks for your great response.

We currently have 3 items available the polos have an embroidered logo, and the t-shirt has a printed one. Please see photos below.

Prices in US Dollars
Grey Plain Polo $25 ($26.50 for XXL & XXXL)
White with Black Trim Polo $30 ($31.50 for XXL & XXXL)
Grey T-Shirt $15 ($16.00 for XXL & XXXL)

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

**Shipping (prices in US dollars). Please note to avoid surprises.
USA Priority 2-3 Day
1 item: $7
Each additional item: $1

Canada 4-7 Day
1 item: $9
Each additional item: $1

Outside US/Canada 4-10 Day Delivery
1 item: $13
Each additional item: $2

Outside US/Canada 4-6 Week Delivery
1 item: $9
Each additional item: $1

Methods of payment.
Pay Pal
Money Order if in US, International Money Order elsewhere.
Payment must be made in full.

Process - please note dates.
Copy the form below into an email and fill out completely. Please be sure to fill in all fields completely and correctly, and use ARC SHIRT ORDER in the subject line. Email to If using Pay Pal, the address will be supplied at the time your order is confirmed.

Incomplete and/or incorrect forms will be returned and must be completed and/or corrected. No orders will be taken from posts on the discussion board.

This opportunity will be available from April 4 - 12, 2005. At the close of this period, no more orders will be accepted until the next round, which is yet to be determined. You will have until April 19, 2005 to make full payment to Pay Pal or the street address provided in the email reply to your order. Please provide a complete copy of the reply email with payment, or with Pay Pal, the section of exact items ordered; this will help track orders and payments.

On approximately April 25, 2005, the order will be placed with the company. We do not stock any of the items for immediate delivery. Approximately 2 weeks later, we should have the shirts, and will start shipping them.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from time of order.

Sorry for all the details, but we are trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Ken, Steve B, Steve F and Albert


(beginning of form)

Aircraft Resource Center Shirt Order Form

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State/County _________________________________________
Postal Code _________________________________________
Country _________________________________________

Item Size Quantity Price Each Price Total

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Total ______ _________

Shipping** Method ____________ _________

Grand Total __________

Thank you for your support.

ARC Staff