F-16CJ Block 50

These photos were taken by David Vanderhoof

There are in fact two F-16CJs from the 79th squadron painted with the Tiger on the tail for the 1997 RIAT Airshow.  One of them (serial 91-0379) is the walkaround below by  David Vanderhoof).  The other one (serial 94-4047) is actually the one the Hasegawa model is supposed to depict (check the serial number on the tail decal).  It sports the more usual 3-tone F-16 scheme (although the tail where the tiger is seems a shade lighter) and also has the C-style demarcation line.  The kit accurately depicts this (although unfortunately doesn't include the 20th FW and 79th FS badges on either side of the intake). This text was sent in by Tim Riley.

The Following is a series of Pictures of the 79th anniversary F-16 from the 79th FS from Shaw AFB. The pictures are from the Seymour Johnson AFB air show in Sept 1997. This scheme is also the subject of the new 1/72 Hasegawa kit (D18). The aircraft is an F-16CJ Block 50.

The scheme is unique and there are some aspects that the Hasegawa kit missed I will try and point out these as I go. The most important to note is that the Camouflage is only two colours not the common three. Gunship Gray (36118) for the dark color and Neutral Gray (36270) for the lighter. The Light Ghost (36375) was removed from the scheme, this is clear by looking at the intake. The usual area that you see all three colors on the aircraft looks dark cause of the lack of the Light Ghost. The other important aspect is that the Gunship does not come up to the canopy but is back to the original specs of the A models.

This special scheme, dominated by the Tiger jumping through the 79th logo, was done for Tiger Meet 1997 and the squadron’s important 79th anniversary. Of importance and Hasegawa did get this right the tiger is different on both sides. After talking to the pilots this is because of the lettering, which by looking closely causes the Tiger to grab a different part of the number.

The remaining sets of pictures are markings walk around of the aircraft, important to note the data is positive negative. Also this day it was not carrying its HARM Targeting System pod but the mounting plate is clearly seen.  This text was sent in by David Vanderhoof 

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The 10 photos directly below were taken by David Vanderhoof

F-16 79th Left side Canopy 79th F-16 Nose gear F-16 79th left tail


serial # for f-16 F-16 79th tail right side 20th FW badge Harm mounting point


F-16 canopy right side 79th F-16 Overall view