Bell AB-47G

These photos were taken by Pascal Cholin

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The 49 photos directly below were taken by Pascal Cholin

Main Airframe Shelf for batteries from left side. Batteries shelf Batteries from top


Bevel drive gearbox Blade root attachment bolts Control levers (connections to the cockpit) Control levers (lower body, looking front)


control pedals + feet plates cyclic pitch control lever + spot lightt Engine (left) Engine (left) Engine and exhaust (looking front)


Final drive gearbox with cable Front view - head on Fuel lines (looking to the right) Fuel lines (looking to the right) Ground handling gear attachement


Instrument panel (close-up) Instrument panel (right view) instrument panel + radio Lower airframe junction Lower engine (left view)


Lower engine (right side, looking front) Lower tear-drop fuel tank (left) Main gearbox (looking front) Main rotor control shaft Radiator (right side)



Rear bulkhead with audioset hooks and transmission box Rear engine (looking front left) Rear engine (looking front) Right engine (overall view)


Rotor blade counterweights Rotor head (close up) Rotor mast Search-landing light Skid-airframe attachement point Tail fin - tail rotor guard


Tail fin Tail frame (front left) Tail frame (rear left) Tail rotor bearing


Tail rotor head + pitch control linkage Tail rotor shaft-bearing Tail skid bolting


Tailplane pivot point Tear-drop fuel tank support (left) Top rotor head Yaw control rudder pedals (through canopy windscreen)