AH-64 Apache 

(Royal Netherland AF)

These photos were taken by Libor "Lonestar" Spurek

This is one of the original AH-64A's lent to the Klu  by the US Army pending delivery of their 30 new build AH-64D's.  Originally the plan was to have the D models delivered without the APG-78 mast mounted radar, and to buy some 6 or so sets which would be role-fitted to aircraft depending on need.  I believe the Dutch have since decided to equip all 30 with the APG-78.  To be a Longbow Apache, the APG-78 needs to be fitted, otherwise it's just an AH-64D.  This text provided by Drewe Manton

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Photos directly below were taken during Air Fests in Czech Republic.

The 16 photos directly below were taken by Libor "Lonestar" Spurek

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