Mirage 2000

These photos were taken by Gareth Phua and Patrick Spitaels

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These pictures were taken at Asian Aerospace 2002

The 8 photos directly below were taken by Gareth Phua

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These pictures were taken during a spotter day at Kleine Brogel (Belgian Air Force base), on October the 24 / 2000.  The Bird here is a MIRAGE 2000-5 RDY, from the " 2 ième Escadre de chasse Les Cigognes " from the French Air Force, based at Dijon, France.  You can see that it wears a MAGIC missile underwing. The Magic is an exercise type, with only IR head active, without explosive and rocket.  The other difference between a 2000-5F and a 2000C is on the rudder where there is a new sensor tubular shape) under the old one.  You can see this special colour scheme it wear, it's every time a point of discussion for modellers ! About the mean of the "-5" I just know that it's noticeable on the front, because it didn't have a pitot tube !

The 8 photos directly below were taken by Patrick Spitaels

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