CH124B SeaKing

Photos taken at Abbotsford Airport, Canada

These photos were all taken by Ross Spenard and Mike Dougherty

Graham Mansell also helped with one of the photo descriptions below. 

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These 32 photos were taken by Ross Spenard.

FOD screen art.  Who says we can't have color in a low viz scheme.  This is the artwork found on aircraft 12405.  This aircraft was deployed with Canadian troops to East Timor in support of U.N. operations. 3/4 view, port side of aircraft
main gear 
Detail of crew boarding ladder
Detail of sono bouys tubes and antenna



Detail of rotor head Detail of pylon fold hinge a torpedo and the carrier


This is an overview of aircraft 124424, CH124B, parked on the tarmac of
the Abbotsford Airport
This is mid-rang view of the starboard side from the cargo door forward.
This shows the various launch tubes for sonobouys and flares. Various antenna and A/C light.  The tube that is just ahead of the tail wheel is the tail probe.  When these aircraft land aboard the DDH or Frigate the probe is inserted into a trough on the deck.  This secures the aft end of the aircraft to the deck so that in pitching and rolling seas the tail is not flailing around.  The orange disk is the crash position indicator. Close up of the engine covers, rotor head and exhaust


This is the starboard weapons mount
Looking up to the pilots seat.  They have curtains installed on the
inside lower glass panel.
This is a head on shot of 424.  Pilots and crew are listed alongside.  They are Lt WEBB (RN), Maj STROCEL, Capt ADAMS (he was my tour guide),Capt ALLAN, Capt COX (he was my co-pilot on my flight in 99), Capt FAGANELLO, Capt SEMENIUK & Capt TRUSCOTT.  The crew: MWO MCINNES, Sgt PERREAULT,  MCpl BERGEN, MCpl DESPOES, MCpl LEDUC, Cpl JUSTASON, Cpl KNIGHT, Cpl SIMPSON, Cpl SOUTHAM & Cpl WHITE.
Co-pilot side of the aircraft


Port side sponson & antenna
 In this picture of the port side tail, the "blade Antenna" is actually a  strake. I was at AETE when they were doing the trials on this mod and do not know the techy details but it has something to do with rotor down wash dynamics and a/c stability in the
hover. I think the Brits also use this on their birds.  It starts slightly aft of the radome and runs almost to the hinge support for the tail pylon.
This is the locking pin for the tail pylon and the tail rotor.

This is the start of the photos of aircraft 124435 taken December 99 at Patrica Bay Airport, Victoria B.C. Canada.

This is a close up of the internal parts of the tail folding mechanism. This what a GE T-58 looks like
Another view of a T-58 and part of the engine hatch.
Over view of the engine hatch


Instrument panel.  Not seen in the photo is the aircraft tool box.  This
is normally stored right behind the co-pilots seat on the floor.  The box
that is attached to the back of the co-pilots seat is the sea anchor.
This is the sensor suite.  The aircraft number shows up as the "35" on the left side of the panel.  Located to the left and behind of the 2nd seat
is the top of the winch cable assembly that is used to haul the helicopter down to the deck of the ship in rough seas.  The cable is deployed from a
small opening just ahead of the dipping sonar.  This is the C.G. for the helicopter.
This is looking forward along the port side of the aircraft.  The yellow bundle in the center of the photo is a "crew" size life raft.  The dipping sonar is underneath the green cover in the center of the photo.  The green
tarp on the floor is only there during maintainance.
Looking up the starboard side of the aircraft. Equipment racks abound inside this aircraft.  The hoist controls are on the panel right next to the cargo door.  The tube running around the top of the door is emergency lighting.  It is located around the windows that are emergency exits.


This is one of the crew seats.  It is slightly different from the pilot and co-pilot seats.  It is a pedestal mount and can pivot.  The back cushion is also a personal life raft.  The red knob on the left is the inflation control. Looking aft, starboard side.  Some more equipment racks.  In the CH124B the racks are longer and carry a few more boxes.
Looking aft, port side, Sonobouys and flare storage is at the back of
the aircraft.
Looking straight down towards the tail probe winch.  The sonobouys and flare launcher is in the foreground


This is a detail shot of the rotor head.
This is a B & W line drawing of the sensor suite panel.  The helicopter
haul down hoist is shown here at the back bulkhead.
This is the mount and hoist for the dipping sonar
27 This is the wheel assembly and the housing for the dipping sonar.  In regards to the housing.  There are 4 rectangular windows around the housing so that you can observe the sonar transducer.


This is a line drawing of the GE T-58 engine.  I have to thank the good
folks at Helipro in Langley for this one.
This is line drawing looking forward in a CH124B.  The box in the center of the drawing is the storage bin the numerous sonobouys that this aircraft
would deploy.


These 15 photos were taken by Mike Dougherty

bouytubes bouytubes control panel engine rotor


engine rotor front gear head on photo interior


interior rear left door pilots seat tail rotor


rear seat rear seat right flank