These photos were taken by Francis Gallemi, Ross Spenard and Terry Sumner

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The 24 photos directly below were taken by Francis Gallemi of Aries PublicationsAries Publications produces high quality walk around books for scale aircraft modellers. 

AirBrake Detail Canopy Canopy Flap detail


nose gear nose wheel well nose wheel well Forward section of fuselage


Forward section of fuselage intake intake Lower fuselage detail


Lower fuselage detail Main gear strut Main gear strut Main gear strut


mid fuselage Tail section Tail section Wheel well detail


Wheel well detail Wheel well detail Wing tank detail Wing tank detail


The 10 photos directly below were taken by Terry Sumner at the Yankee Air Force Museum located at Willow Run airfield in Michigan.

inboard of wing tip tank intake Leading edge nose


outboard of wing tip tank rear ejection seat ejection seat


wing tip tank view from rear corner



Special RCAF 75th Anniversary paint scheme 

Canadian DND photo Canadian DND photo


The 20 photos directly below were taken by Ross Spenard.

Photos taken at Abbotsford International Airshow August '99

Special RCAF 75th Anniversary paint scheme 

Tail crest (not the normal 414 crest) and the flaming arrow on the tip tank Detail of the flaming sword and tail crest. Markings on the side of the aircraft, position of the maple leaf on the
belly and the curving strip on the bottom of the wing.
Overview of 414 Squadron "special" 133119


Detail of the speed brakes. nose gear and intake. Close-up of nose are 75th Anniversary logo Head on view!


Normal tail markings for 414 Squadron Closeup of markings on side of aircraft Markings on side of aircraft A/C lights on tip tank.  This is aircraft 133577


Markings on port wing Markings on starboard wing Detail of the nose gear


Driver's seat Rear cockpit (The rain, not that it rains much here on the West Coast, has arrived). Detail of speed brakes and main gear door Cockpit and intake


Ejection seat 3/4 rear view Side view of emitter? mounted under starboard wing.  The CT133 is used in a variety of roles ie:ECW aircraft and simulating missles.  It is possible that this is an electronic emitter of some type used for one of these roles.
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