H-21 Piasecki "Flying Banana"

These photos were taken by Geoff McDonell and Percy Olson

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Photos directly below were taken This is of the recently restored H-21 Piasecki
"Flying Banana" in the RCAF rescue scheme.  These images are all  of the restored chopper at the Comox Air Force Museum ( http://www.comoxairforcemuseum.ca ).

The 30 photos directly below were taken by
Percy Olson.

Bottom fuselage looking back Cockpit Collective Cockpit Drivers seat Cockpit Instrument panel


Cockpit upper console Engine bay looking back Engine bay looking forward Front Gear (blue)


Front Rotorhead Front Stbd fuselage Head on Pitot


Port front Port Fuselage Port overview Port Tail fin


Rear Rotor closeup Rear Rotor Head Rear Rotor Stbd Rear Stbd fuselage


Rotor tip Squadron crest Stbd Stbd


Stbd Stbd fuselage Stbd main gear Tail


Tail and rotor tip port side Tail Port side


The photos were taken of the H-21 Helicopter held by the Canadian Museum of
Flight and Transportation, now located in Langley, B.C.  This particular aircraft was obtained in Alaska and originally flew with the US Airforce in Alaska.  It is finished in the original markings it wore while in service.  It is essentially complete, but missing a few pieces here and there.  It was fitted with an auxiliary fuel tank rack along the one side of the lower fuselage, as seen in the photos.

The 16 photos directly below were taken by
Geoff McDonell.

engine air outlet interior looking forward interior radio rack nose gear


nose view nose view port nose view port side view


port tail view rear door looking forward rear door view rear upper cooling inlet


rotor head stbd nose stbd side view stbd tail view