US Navy MH-53E

These photos were taken by Calvin Cochran 

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Photos taken back in 1991, I attended an airshow in Aspen, Colorado at which the
following photos were taken.  A USN MH-53E minesweeper helo in COLORADO is a pretty rare sight.

The 17 photos directly below were taken by Calvin Cochran 

HM-15, from front, Aspen, '91 HM-15, from port front qtr HM-15, port profile, Aspen, '91 HM-15, port midsection details, from aft, Aspen, '91


HM-15, tail rotor details  interior, looking fwd interior, mine sweeper sled connection  main gear, from aft HM-15, from aft, Aspen, '91


HM-15, tail detail port engine, rotor head detail stbd side, open hatches rotor head detail


air-to-air refueling boom, close-up HM-15, from aft stbd qtr, Aspen, '91 crew entry door and interior, stbd side, Aspen, '91 stbd entry hatch, door hoist, engine intake