Sikorsky S-55

These photos were taken by Geoff McDonell

The S-55 (HO4S) was used by the Royal Canadian Navy as an aircraft carrier borne utility and rescue aircraft.  The walk-arounds in this set are taken from two examples.  The red and blue S-55 belongs to the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation, located in Langley, B.C.  It is currently under a slow restoration schedule and is essentially a complete airframe, but it lacks an engine.  The restored grey Royal Canadian Navy example is located in the National Aeronautical Collection at Rockcliffe, Ontario and it is essentailly complete.  The rotor head photo was taken at the British Columbia Institute of Technology at the South Terminal of Vancouver International Airport, and it is used as a teaching aid.

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The 16 photos directly were taken by Geoff McDonell

Interior Inside rear cargo area inside rear cargo area Main landing gear strut and wheel


Rotor head assembly Nose, right front stbd view Nose landing gear Cockpit area, stbd view


side view, port side side view, port side tail rotor, as seen from rear tail rotor, as seen from port side tail rotor, as seen from stbd side