UH-60 Blackhawk

These photos were taken by Stefano Madama the webmaster of (CMPR “Club Modellismo Plastico Ravenna”, or Ravenna Plastic Modelling Club- Milan branch), and sent to ARC by Maurizio Nava 

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The photos depict US Army Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk Ser. No. 88-26027, attending the Air Show at Ambrì airport (Switzerland) on 25 August 1996.The helicopter was devoid of any unit symbol or crest and, while the photos were taken, no crew-members were at hand, so it was impossible to have confirmation about the unit the ’60 belonged to. Anyway, the desertic vignette on the starboard engine intake (Photo 20) and an explanatory data-panel sporting the title “Task Force Griffin” (Photo 7), led us to assume this helicopter belonged to the “Blue Stars”, at that time designated Charlie Company - 5th Battalion – 158th Aviation Regiment – 12th Aviation Brigade – V Corps (or, in short, C/5-158 Avn. Regt.), based at Giebelstadt AAF in Germany. Can anybody give confirmation?

The 45 photos directly below were taken by Stefano Madama

Opened nose avionics bay. More detailed view of the avionics bay. Internal details of the avionics bay door. 26027 on landing.


26027 just landed. Main rotor head details. Port engine details. Port HIRSS and opened engine inspection door.


M 130 chaff / flare dispenser. Tail and tail wheel.

Detailed view of the tail rotor hub; also visible are the tail navigation light and the combined strobe / anti-collision light.

Bottom view of the tail rotor hub.


Tail rotor

Starboard main wheel and various details. Starboard side view with opened door and windows. Note, under the ESSS attachment point fairing, the retractable step and its recess. Detailed view of the step. Starboard HIRSS and opened engine inspection door. Rear view of starboard HIRSS with cargo compartment door opened. Rear view of starboard HIRSS with cargo compartment door closed.


Note the differently camouflaged panel on the starboard engine intake, sporting a vignette; the panel was probably “borrowed” from an USAF HH / MH-60G. Starboard air intake and opened engine inspection door.

Accessories revealed by opened sliding fairing over the cockpit. 

Sliding fairing above the cockpit. Note cable cutters. Starboard (A/C) cockpit door and, immediately aft, VHF-FM homing antenna. Note black-painted cockpit interiors for NVG operations.


More detailed view of the starboard cockpit door. Cockpit door opened, starboard (A/C) side. Note seat armor plate and, immediately aft the door, the black-painted VHF-FM homing antenna. Port side view of the instrument panel and co-Pilot cyclic control stick. More detailed view of the instrument panel.


Starboard side view of the instrument panel and A/C cyclic control stick.

Co-Pilot seat padding and instrument consoles.

Port side overhead circuit-breakers panel. The overhead window is obscured by the sliding fairing visible in Photo 11.

Overhead panels.


Starboard side overhead circuit-breakers panel.

Starboard side (A/C) pedals.

Port side (co-Pilot) pedals and various details.

Cargo compartment complete with seats.


More detailed view of the rearward-facing seats in the cargo compartment.

Port Gunner seat.

Starboard Gunner seat.

View of the area aft the Pilots’ seats.


Close-up of the equipment arrangement immediately aft the Pilots’ seats.

Cargo compartment rearward side.

Another view of the rearward side of the cargo compartment.

Cargo compartment roof.

Another view of the cabin roof.