US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk

These photos were taken by Dave Campbell

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Photos directly below were taken at the Lemoore Naval Air STation open house and Air Show Sunday 29 July 2001.  This chopper is stationed at San Diego CA.

The  photos directly below were taken by Dave Campbell

HH60 Backwall with seats attached, two views. Various controls and radio
interfaces visible.
HH60 Backwall with seats attached, two views. Various controls and radio
interfaces visible.
The litter basket carried by the HH60 carried along the right wall in a
vertical position. Behind that is a dart shaped beacon which is droppable.
Many people ask if this is some kind of missile!
the radio rack is directly behind the pilots seat and is quite complex.

There is a lot of gear inside the Jayhawk, and not nearly as much room as in the standard UH60. I was sitting in the crewman's seat along the left wall when I took these pictures.  Interior color is a blue-grey, more blue than grey, with some anti skid on the floor that was quite worn.

Close in view of left side main wheel and brake line. Quick disconnect
between fuse side with flex line, hard line down the length of the landing
Twin sliding window and Jayhawk twin pylon for long range tanks


Top view of the inboard long range tank, with data plate and fuel cap
tail rotor hub, and notice the safety strap Dring on tail Tail and tail rotor. There are D-rings on the tail for crewmen to attach their safety straps.  Standard pull out steps to climb the tail that are common to
all Hawks.


Tail, Stabiliator and bumper, tail fold and HF antenna end mount. Folding
stabiliator essential similar to SeaHawk
Tailboom junction with air starter exhaust, HF antenna, various stenciling
and CG emblem
overall side view of nose, notice the tiedown ring onmain wheel.  Landging
gear color is medium grey


Closeup of pilots door area. Emergency rescue pullout handle and SeaHawk
style window
 close up of the
wiper and its attached windshield washer solvent lines. 

Close up of windshield Nose radar, similar both sides no real differences

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