Bo-105 Bundeswehr Anti-Tank Helicopter
These photos were taken by Matthias Rabiller and Gábor Tóth

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These 3 photos directly below were taken by Matthias Rabiller

front right corner front right corner This is a Swedish BO-109 (hkp-9 in Sweden) that is shown and not a Bundeswehr
Anti-Tank Helicopter.  
This particular helicopter is from 4.hkpbat located at Malmen close to
Linkoping and is used as the German counterpart in the anti tank role, but
Sweden uses the Hughes TOW system instead and a SAAB made sighting system called HeliTOW.
Noteworthy is the prisms that is located above the rear door; these are
used to simulate hits during exercises.


These 9 photos directly below were taken by Gábor Tóth

Front view of the fuselage, with Missile launchers, slightly from right. Main rotor and engines’ exhausts Missile Launchers’ installation, looking front Missile Launchers’ installation looking backwards


Front window, with the Instrument panel’s cables Pilot’s seat side and instrument panel WSO’s seat and aiming screen WSO’s seat back, and aiming device in „pushed back" position   WSO in his office