rescue helicopter

These photos were taken by GŠbor Tůth

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Instrument panel Instrument panel cover Central panel Cyclic Handle & Ambulance radio


Pedals Pilotís seat Cabin front area beside instrument panel Cabin ceiling with crew headsets


Crew seats bottom, with oxygen set Cabin ceiling with pilotís headset, and upper window Cabin ceiling with medical equipment rack Cabin aft wall bottom


Nose bottom window, starboard view Pedals & cables Control column  Medical equipment rack (empty)


Pilotís external mirror assembly, looking back Pilotís external mirror assembly, side view Side door interior detail Fuselage bottom, with hook


Cabin bottom view, with patientís bed Aft cargo compartment, looking aft Aft cargo compartment, looking forward  Rear cargo compartment, looking aft


Rear cargo compartment, looking up Main rotor, with reductor Reductor starboard view, (front is on the left) Reductor starboard view, looking down


Reductor starboard view, looking down, backwards Reductor port view, looking down Reductor port view, looking down, backwards Reductor area, front wall


Engine exhaust, looking forward Engine port view, looking backwards Engine port view, front area Engine starboard view, front area with air inlet assembly


Engine starboard view, front area, looking down