CH-146 Griffon

These photos were taken by Colin Kunkel and Todd and Paul Pomerleau.

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The 24 photos directly below were taken by Todd and Paul Pomerleau.

427 Sqn VIP seats & amp CH-146 #444 put to bed CH-146 472 KFOR CH-146 #472 front IR sensor


CH-146 #472 Kevlar cockpit panel 427 Sqn VIP seats & amp CH-146 #472 CH-146 #472 gun mount & amp


CH-146 #444 put to bed 438 maintenance bird CH-146 #472 boom and flare dispt CH-146 #472 roundel port side


CH-146 #472 rear IR sensor 408 Sqn. tail 427 Sqn Lion tail 438 Sqn. markings


400 Sqn. tail marking CH-146 #472 roundel stbd side CH-146 #472 flare dispenser CH-146 #472 up-turned exhaust


CH-146 #472 rotor head 400 Sqn. slinging 400 Sqn. slinging CH-146 #472 rotor speed sensor


Photos directly below were taken at Red Deer, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw during 2000.  

The 15 photos directly below were taken by Colin Kunkel.

Missile Warning Receiver Mount on Port Side of nose along with pitot
tube.  Also note bottom wire cutter.
Port side exhaust details. Main rotor hub detail Main rotor blade-note-3 trim tabs per blade


Tail boom details including tail skid and Missile Warning Receiver
mounting point.
Tail rotor hub.  Also note static dischargers on tail. Starboard side of tail boom.  Note GPS receiver on left side of photo.


Main rotor hub detail. Rear view of Rescue Hoist. Front view of Rescue Hoist. Cabin interior detail-note seating


Mounting point for Rescue Hoist.  Two smaller ports supply power to
hoist, larger one is actual mounting point.
Cabin seating detail.  Note tube frame construction of seating. Starboard side nose detail.  Note top wire cutter, Blade Position Sensor
embedded in nose, pitot tubes and Missile Warning Receiver mount.
Top left-Blade Position Sensor
    Middle-Right side pitot tube
    Bottom-Missile Warning Receiver mount