Focke Wulf 190 D-9

These photos were taken by Phil Juvet

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I decided not  to photograph the one at the USAFM, but I saw a mechanic working on it.  He explained that the wing was to be removed and traded for the wing on one in Arizona. It seems that two of these aircraft were brought over from Germany after WWII for testing at Wright-Patterson. When they were re-assembled at W-P the wings were switched from what aircraft they had been on in Germany. When one was sold off it went with the "wrong" wing.  A deal has been struck with the museum in Arizona and they are switching them back. I asked the mechanic "Why bother ?" He said "That's the way we are. We want it 100% original." So I took a few shots of it  with the cowling removed.   Phil Juvet

The photos directly below were taken by Phil Juvet


I took the photo below in in June of 2002.  This is the Air Force Museum's Fw-190D with it's new (original) wing installed. Note that the paint does not match. The group of photos above are of the same bird with the old (incorrect) wing.


Photos and text by Phil Juvet