Aerospatiale Fennec
These photos were taken by Libor "Lonestar" Spurek

This Fennec belongs to the danish 'Haerens Flyvetjenste', the danish army air corps.  The complete designation is AS550C2 Fennec. This is a military variant of the AS350 Ecureil, differing in the following points: taller skids, rear sliding doors, changed instrument panel, attachment points for weapons and self-sealing fuel tanks.  The danish Fennecs are unique in that they are armed with the SAAB/Emerson Electric HeliTOW system. 'P-339' is one of 12 Fennecs delivered to Denmark from 1990 on.  Lars Jörgensen 

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Photos directly below were taken during Air Fests in Czech Republic.

The 6 photos directly below were taken by
Libor "Lonestar" Spurek


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