These photos were taken by Dave Campbell  

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The 12 photos directly below were taken by Dave Campbell

After talking to the crews about how the weapons are arranged on the helo,
I found out that an asymetrical weapons load is commonplace, with a .50 on one side and a GAU2 minigun on the other.  Also, notice that the shot of the upper doghouse has two completely different types of inlet warning triangle.  Apparently, this fairing came from a different machine. Overall this machine was a patchwork quilt of spray colors, very much like how I build my kits, due to corrossion control and mix-and-match parts as needed.  This particular helicopter had black main rotor hub with old green rotors that had yellow tips. Interesting comparison for modelers who build mainly all black rotors/hub.

The bad paint job I talkedaboutwith dissimilar warning triangles

Shot of the HH1N belly drains array situated between the mounting "arms" of the XMU weapons system Connectors for the interior long range fuel bladder. Bladder is normally carried on the right side well where the short troop seats go. It has a large ring that holds it to the ceiling as well as the straps that hold it in. the floor section is removed to give access to the fuel system fittings. Main
fuel supplyline, return line, electrical connector.  Notice the worn paint on the XMU gun mount.

Interior shot of the HH1N.  Notice armored crew seats with support springs
on back. White shoulder straps are NOT neatly folded, they get thrown
anywhere. Straps are mounted to floor and fed thru hole in topof seat. Red tape is to keep visitors out of console area.  Quilting and interior is light-medium grey, with olive green webbing for troop seats.  Commo cord connectors from cieling ICS boxes, twin green first aid kits along BOTH walls behind seats.  Rotor brake is above pilot's seat, has bright yellow handle. Full locked
position is just forward of hanging straight down. 


Shot of the exhaust ejector stacks and oil cooler fins. I have seen many of
these oil coolers painted zinc chromate yellow.
Shot of the .50 gun mount, right side of AC loooking aft.
Shot of the .50 gun mount, looking forward, right side of AC. The hose has
baffled me for months--crew informed me it keeps thier webgear from hanging
up on the "arms" that the hose is shoved onto. No word on
exactly what those "arms" do. Air force gum mounts do not have them. They
are Marine/Navy items.
Overall shot of the same .50 gun mount. Round hole accepts a piece of SCAT
tubing to send brass out and away from AC.   You can see just how far the
real machines were away from the rest of the show! They had the static
spread out, with LOTS of emptyspace in between.


Shot of same .50 mount.  Very weathered with bare metal showing down at the flexible pivot point.
Shot of the GAU2 gun mount and trigger assembly. There are three elect.
connectors on this mount.
Shot of the GAU2 gun mount, looking aft left side of AC.
Trigger has a single toggle switch with red plastic cover. Gun is fed by a large ammo can with electric feed on top of the can, thru a metalic chute
assy.  Never upgraded versions of the 1N have the chute feeding thru the roof and out to the gun.  Cobra Company has this particular item in their UH1N Marine upgrade set.