These photos were taken by Everett McEwan

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Note from ARC Editior:  The faces of individuals in the pictures below  have been "whited" out to protect their identity.

Some info on these Blackhawks; they were part of US Spec Op Command, and were here in Colorado training with Special Forces (10th Spec Forces) out of Ft Carson. They were praticing "helicasting" or dropping boats and troops into the water, they would come in on the deck and pull into a hover about 5 ft off of the lake (Chatfield Resovior) and the boats would drop and the Soldiers would jump out. All of this would happen in a matter of seconds, and made very little noise doing it. Also the paint job is  flat Black with green stencils.

The 56 photos directly below were taken by 
Everett McEwan in Aug 2001.



belly instrument panel cockpit cockpit roof


cockpit cockpit floor instrument panel cockpit roof


cockpit flare dispenser


front door front floor canopy head on


fuel tank fuel tank hook winch/hook


ir exhaust IR warning sensor left rear mid underside


nose nose rear crew compartment rear crew compartment


rear crew compartment rear crew compartment roof rear crew compartment rear underside tail


rear underside rotor rotor left side front


left side middle left side tail left side swimmers


tail tail tail tail


tail tail tail tail


top deck underside front underside front windshield

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