HMH-466 (Helicopter Marine Heavy)

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Look closely and you'll see the outline of a woman on both sides of the fuselage.  Closer inspection of the numbers on these choppers makes it appear that there are 2 choppers that make up the pictures below.  More pictures of these particular chopper(s) are more than welcome. 

New info:  It's confirmed...these pics are of 2 different aircraft.....there might have been as many as 4 aircraft painted up like this during Desert Storm.  These choppers were with HMH-466 (Helicopter Marine Heavy). 

More info:  My buddy Louis Lofton was a crew chief on one of the two birds. He said they ended up that way due to the rapid need for deployment to the Gulf. With so many to be painted, the Marines were allowed to paint their squadron aircraft in their own hangers before deploying.
The photos don't do the paint job justice. The squadron did an awesome job doing doing the scheme.  This squadron was stationed at MCAS Tustin, California back then. HMH-466 is now located at MCAS Miramar, CA since 1996.  
John Faith