Tiger Meet 2003 

by Gary Fairfull


I took these pictures at the Tiger Meet 2003 Open House in Cold Lake, Alberta. Colorado's F-16 was certainly eyecatching. I understand images have been sent to Two Bobs. Expect to see a sheet for this wonderful jet.

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Two Bobs will need to add decals for a 1/48 scale Bonneyville and a Quad (I guess we will also need a few new kits to put this on) . As you can see from these images the Colorado Squadron members arrived fully decked out for the event and full of spirit (And GOOD Canadian beer !).  The Tiger Car was only pulled over once by State Troopers on the trip to Canada.  

Also on display was a Mountain Home F-15E properly dressed in Tiger livery and I also noticed smarter looking pilots (As a military groundcrew member I can vouch for this and I have provided images to prove it !!). 

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Sadly one color F-16 failed to make it. He ground aborted and will not make it to Cold Lake. A crowd favorite was the New Jersey ANG KC-135. Later in the day they added a large tiger tail to the boom. 410's Tiger jet was on display and later flew the Airshow Demo. There were numerous other aircraft on display minus the Tiger livery. Perhaps if there is enough interest I will do a Part II or a continuation later in the week. I understand Tiger T-38's are expected to arrive Monday.


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Photos and text 2003 by Gary Fairfull