1/48 Revell Monogram F-18 model building contest

You are only permitted to win one prize every 3 months on ARC. 

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Everett McEwan
zero votes

I scratchtbuilt parts and modified the kit (cut flaps, slats, and rudders) and used decals from someone else (can't remember now). 


Al Petrie

six votes

Operation MARX

Designed as a rescue vehicle capable of reaching low Earth orbit, the HARPO orbiter would be carried to high altitude by the combined might of 4 GE-404 engines in a pair of stripped-down F/A-18's. 





John Chung  Age 16

nine votes


The XD-207 (Experimental Demonstrator # 207 ) is a concept design of a model transformer. Normally these numbers and letters were given to my 3D paper
airplanes but in this case I have decided to make an exception. The project is simple, cut, cut and cut. Almost every aspect of the original F-18 hornet kit have been modified. The idea came when I needed something that is really different from the F-18 model, and I thought I will challenge my self with this idea. As it turned out, the project is much, much more complicated than I thought, and I have almost been redesigning the craft throughout the entire construction phase, but the main outline of the original design has been maintained. I used A LOT of sheet styrene throughout the entire project, scratch building pretty much the entire aft fuselage (leg) parts, and the arms were 100% scratch built as well. The only humanoid parts that I have
salvaged from other kits were the head and the two fists, which I took from a 1/100 gundam and patlabor kit. Other parts used were the spine fuel tank and the FLIR pod embedded in to the wing which were from the 1/48 RM Rafale kit, the AGM-145 on the wing tips were from Hasegawa 1/48 weapon set, the landing gear and wheels were from Monogram 1/48 A-6 kit (thanks to Scott Murphy!) I have also scratch built 100% of the cockpit tub and seat as well as many other stuff that I will talk about in the up and coming full-build write up. Moveable parts were achieved by spare poly parts from gundam kits and many scratched mechanism consisting of rod from sprue and ring from sheet styrene, a few other design ideas were also utilized to achieve the moving mechanisms. Paints used were Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, all the markings have been masked with Tamiya masking take and sprayed, the dragon and phoenix were also masked and sprayed and then details picked out with a brush. There are many more to this project but I'll leave them to the write up.


Al Petrie

zero votes

Northrop-Grumman Trident

Using the F-18 as a basis, NG designed a lightweight agile fighter with FSW technology.  Unfortunately, only Bahrain and Upper Yours placed orders for the plane. 





Llarry Amrose

one vote

Whitewash over a "standard" 70/71/65 splinter camo (which actually looks good on a Hornet!) with a rainbow-tinted canopy and scratchbuilt snowshoes.


Al Petrie

seven votes

F/U-2 EH

Originally designed to intercept U-2 overflights, these planes are now being used by CSIS (Canadian version of CIA/FBI) and Revenue Canada to monitor Canadians as they go about their daily concerns.


Dave Stein

five votes

True Details seat
Cutting Edge flaps
Twobobs decals
Scratchbuilt "Soviet" intake covers
Scratchbuilt ACMI pod
Xtracolor-Humbrol-Testors enamels, acrylics and metalizers-Some custom mixed paint


Al Petrie

five votes

SEA F-18

Designed to take advantage of Canada's extensive coastlines, the Sea F-18 can be based anywhere the fishing is good!


Roger M. Jackson 

thirty votes

Wins 1/48 Hasegawa F-18 model kit  from Hannants online model shop catalogue

Here is my entry for the contest.  I started with the original-issue (white w/blue & gold trim) kit from 1981.  The pylons were rebuilt to the correct production configuration with sway braces and a pair of Harpoons from Revell's A-6E Intruder.  A set of stainless-steel PE grills from Trimaster were used to detail the various engine vents.  Translucent red, green, and clear Lexan was used to replicate the exterior navigation and position lights while an MV lens was installed on the nose landing gear.  I used the PE parts from the "High-Tech" kit along with some Model Technologies items to animate the cockpit and seat.  Nose gear strut was extensively detailed with new drag-link assembly and shuttle bar damper.  Wheels are from the kit with hand-cut tread on all tires.  The surface detail was completely rescribed using the Verlinden PE template set.  Testor's Modelmaster enamels were used exclusively with the unpainted metal areas covered with Bare Metal foil.  Decals used were Repli-Scale 48-5032 (Gulf War MiG Killers of VFA-81), MicroScale 48-246 (F-18 Hornet Data), plus a few items from the Testors F/A-18 kit decal.  SuperScale dark gull gray solid decal was cut with a template to provide the wingwalk areas on the LEXs, while ScaleMaster provided the 'slime lights'.  Powdered graphite was used to accentuate shadows on the wheels, struts, and wells, with Liquitex tempera watercolor used as a wash in the gun gas purge vents and muzzle brake.  Photos shot with a Nikon 990 Coolpix digital camera and ambient sunlight through my kitchen window.  


Al Petrie

two votes

Bombardier-Dassault AF-III Donatello

After the separation from Canada, Quebec turned to France for weapon upgrades.  Utilising the fuselage of the CF-188 and the delta wing design of the Mirage series aircraft, the AF-111 Donatello was first seen in action in the Goose Bay Incident.



Tim Grissette

four votes

F-18 Fulcrum

It is an A model retrofitted with LEX Fences, and is painted in a two tone Tan and Brown for the TOP GUN Aggressor aircraft. The only aftermarket parts used, are a True Details seat, and decals from Super Scale.

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Vince Maddux 

twenty three votes

Now, if I beat Dan's Mon-key at this I'll be happy :)


Eric McCann

five votes

Wins Leading Edge 1/48 70th anniversary decal sheet

Note from Steve B...after the voting was complete I carefully examines the official IPMS rules and in my opinion this model is the only true out of the box entry in this contest

I couldn't recall, was it "out of box," or "on the box?"  Well, this fits either way.  I was going to build it with the "Gunslingers" aircraft (serving on the carrier my brother did,) but as I usually gripe, the hobby shop in town here really isn't worth the name.  With time getting short, I got creative - "what if" the USN hadn't gotten rid of the tri-color scheme used in WWII?  The Hornet's an interesting canvas for this scheme.

Kit decals used.  The sidewinders in my kit were warped ("off axis" aiming?) so they're not on.... but of course I added the drop tank!





Rich Herron
twenty four votes

Wins Leading Edge 1/48 70th anniversary decal sheet

Note from Steve B...as I should not have placed this entry or entry #12 in this category I accept full responsibility and will award this entrant a prize from myself.  The winner in category #1 got 30 votes and it does not appear the outcome in that category would not have changed.

The only thing I did to the model was drop the ailerons and rudders. Also I added aeromaster decals from the U.S.S. Coral Sea. This is the
first model I assembled after being stationed in Germany a few months ago, had a blast!

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Hannants online model shop and Leading Edge Models are jointly sponsoring a contest on ARC.  This contest is simple and fun.    

 Click here for Notes about the Monogram F-18 from the ARC discussion board.

See bottom of this page for list of contestants.

Contest rules.....

1)  Model must be a 1/48 scale Revell or Monogram or Revell Monogram F-18 A or C.

2)  Everyone must have fun.

More contest rules......

There will be 3 categories rolled into one contest.

Category #1  "Do Anything You Freakin' Please"

Prize:  1/48 Hasegawa F-18 model kit  from Hannants online model shop catalogue

This category starts with the basic kit and goes up from that.  Anything is permitted.  Spend all you want on decals...resin goodies....heck do whatever you please, but you must use the basic kit.  You can use the Hasegawa cockpit tub etc if you want and use your Black Box cockpit set in your Hasegawa kit.  You can get goofy if you want  and mount endless weapons on it or make it into a Bi-Plane....or add an AWACS dish on top.  There are no limits.  You can even get serious and build a very highly detailed accurate kit....yawn.  ;-)  


Category #2  Out of the Box  (we'd like to have at least 5 people in this category to make it happen....that's not written in stone....it's just what we'd like)

Prize: Leading Edge 1/48 70th anniversary decal sheet

This category is for the basic kit....no re-scribing of panel lines or using any aftermarket goodies (with the exception of decals).  Any aftermarket decals will be permitted.  You can also use masking tape seat belts.

Additional information added Dec1/2000......adding the CF-18 fuselage spotlight is permitted in the OOB category (this is because Leading Edge Models is partly sponsoring the prizes and Leading Edge Models makes CF-18 decals).  Also repairing the upside-down tail hook is also permitted in the OOB category. 


Category #3  Leading Edge Decals Category

Prize:  Any Leading Edge decal sheet currently available or soon to be available.

This category is for any models using Leading Edge decals.  So if your F-18 uses Leading Edge decals then you will automatically be entered into two categories.  But you can only win one category.  We want to have as many winners as possible.

Contest expires Feb 28/2001

Only one prize per entrant, but you can enter as many models as you can build during the contest period Nov1/00 to Feb 28/01.  You can only win one prize every 3 months on ARC.

Only one photo per entrant.  Photo can't be bigger than 750 wide and 550 high....photos larger than this will be resized to fit within these dimensions.

But you can have  a general photo of your model with detail photos of the cockpit etc inserted into the main photo.

Send a photo of your completed model to Steve Bamford

Winning models will be selected in each category by the ARC readership.

And remember....have fun!!!

If you are not on this list...don't worry...you can still enter...this list is only so the folks entering have a rough idea of who is entering in which category etc.

Click here to send an e-mail to everyone on the list of entrants below.

Name Category 1

Wide open category

Category 2


Category 3

Using Leading Edge decals

Total # of models entered
Jim Bates    
Colin   1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2
Jimmy Harris 1     1
Jack Z   1 or 2   1 or 2
john 1   1
Kevin L 1 3 1 5?
Mike Reeves   1   1
Reimund Manneck   1   1
Kelly Quirk 1     1
Rich H   1 1 1
Mike V 1     1
Percy Olson       2
Todd       1 maybe
Rich Macer   1   1
Scott Thibodeau 1     1
Llarry 1     1
Chris Hughes   1   1
T.C. 1?     1
DangerAtom 1     1
Aaron Pfau 1     1
Phil von Ehrenhelm   1   1
Mike Dougherty 1 maybe     1 maybe
Steve Bamford   1 1  display class only
Nick W   1 1 1
Dave Stein 1     1
Dan's Mon-key 1     1


1/48 F-18 aftermarket detail items.

Airwaves canopy PE detail items,  

Cutting Edge AGM-88 Harms with LAU-118 Launchers,  

Cutting Edge  F/A-18 Slats and Flaps for Monogram F/A18,  

Cutting Edge Lex fences as well as angled braces for vertical stabilizers,  

Eduard 48-054 cockpit,  

Eduard 48-055 F-18 nose radar,  

Eduard 48-221 overall detail set,

  Monogram Model Technologies PE detail set  

Seamless Suckers resin intakes,  

SOL AIM 120 missiles,  

SOL AGM-84 D/E missiles,  

True Details resin seat. 


Below are 12 different very goofy versions of the F/A-18 that were sent in by Gary Ferris

 Gary didn't actually draw these...he's just passing them along....if anyone knows the original artist we'd love to give them credit.  

We hope these pictures give the F-18 contest entrants some inspiration.

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