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In 1987, Ron Eminger and the late Jim Butler took me to Walters home in Newberry, Ohio.  Walter lived on a farm, out in the country.  No one was home the day we visited!  AND NO, we didn't steal anything!


F2G Corsair and regular Corsair

Like an American child's song about "Old McDonald."  Not the hamburger people!

Old McDonald had a farm, ei-ei-oooo.  And on his farm he had a duck, ei-ei-oooo; With a quack, quack here and a quack quack there, here quack, there quack, and everywhere, quack, quack, quack; Old McDonald had a fram,ei-ei-oooooo."  He had chickens, pigs, horses, cows, and dogs! You can sing the rest with some children. 



Like McDonald, Walter had a airplane here, and an airplane there: EI-EI-OOO---------------OH MY GOODNESS DID HE HAVE THE AIRPLANES. 

 Rodney, ei-ei-ei-ei--oooooooooooooooooooooo!! WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY AT WALTER'S FARM!  IT'S STILL THERE AS OF SEPTEMBER, 2000.


That place of his is really something to see.  He had 3-planes hanging inside the "B-36;" and he had the P-47N still in a shipping crate.  How he got all of them to his place is something.  He lives off the main road, using an old one lane dirt road, with many curves it it....up and down too boot.  Many of the large planes were just cut-up with a big axe or chain-saw, then loaded on a truck and hauled to his place.



I have a book by "BRUCE Wm. OMISS" titled: "MUSEUM and DISPLAY AIRCRAFT of the UNITED STATES; 1976.  In it they list all the aircraft Walter has, including a listing of all museums and private collections "STATE BY STATE".  



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Photos and text by Rodney Williams

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