1/48 Scratch Built Wellington Part 3

Model by Howard Hill (No Internet connection)

Pictures taken and Article written by Steve Bamford



Now we move to the rear section of the aircraft. 

This first photo shows some of the outstanding detail Howard scratch built and installed into this model.  Note the wooden walkway plank down the rear half of the fuselage. 

To the right is a good clear side view of the mid-fuselage area.

In the photo below you can see the windows that were on the sides of the bomber.  Compared to the B-17....the Wellington did not have many defensive guns, but this suited its night-time missions.

Tail Turret

As I was taking these pictures, Howard told me to watch the tail turret carefully.  Then with the delicate touch of an eye surgeon, Howard slowly pressed down on the end of the tail turret gun barrels.  Then I noticed that the gun barrels moved proportionally to the gun sight of the tail turret.  The gun sight is much closer to the gunners head so it moves proportionally less than the end of the gun barrels that would be at the end of the arc of movement. Most of the tail turrets' moving parts are metal to provide longer life. 


Here's a nice view of the fuselage mid section.  The detail just goes on and on.
Click on image below to see larger image.

The 3 pictures below show the tail turret from different angles.  These photos also give  a good view of the tail control surfaces tail. 

Click on images below to see larger images.


Below is another photo showing more of the fine detail of the interior. 


Howard needs some reference material assistance.

Currently, Howard is working on a 1/24 Skinless Sea Fury.  He's collected plenty of reference material, but he is stuck on 2 critical areas.  

  • The first area is the ducting for the air intakes on the wing leading edge close to the wing root.  I believe there are oil coolers inside these intakes.  But is there more ducting behind these oil coolers....and if so...where does it go?  What about placement of the oil lines to and from these oil coolers?

  • The second area Howard needs info on is the hydraulic line system throughout the entire plane.  Basically Howard is looking for any info on the placement of any and all hydraulic lines throughout the entire plane.  His 1/32 Sea Fury will have no skin, at all, so all the details will be exposed. 

Two ARC regulars have sent in 2 articles for me to pass along to Howard.  One is the Sea Fury article from Scale Models International October 1983 and the other article is from "Scale Models" (unknown date).  Both of these articles have provided Howard with some badly needed information and he is greatly appreciative to the 2 gentlemen that sent these articles in.

What Howard could really use now, is the factory manuals that show this sort of detail....perhaps mechanics repair manuals?  If someone has access to such a  book...... a few select photocopies of key pictures would probably provide Howard with the detail he needs to complete his Sea Fury.

Howard is an older gent and doesn't own a computer......please send any e-mails or info to Steve Bamford and I will pass along the info to Howard.

Howard is willing to pay a reasonable amount for this reference material.

Please try to help.

I've seen his partly built 1/32 Skinless Sea Fury....it is as cool as the Wellington above. 



1/48 Skinless Scratch Built Wellington bomber Part 1 1/48 Scratch Built Skinless Wellington model Part 2
by Howard Hill (no Internet connection) by Howard Hill (no Internet connection)

Photos and text by Steve Bamford and Howard Hill