1/48 Monogram F-5

using Two Bobs Aviation Graphics Decals

and Black Box resin cockpit

by Patrick Spitaels



F5E from VFC 13.

Model: MONOGRAM 1/48.

Detail set: Cockpit from Black Box.

Decals: Twobobs sheet.

Well, following the building of my Splinter Tomcat and then my Hornet...I've got to build the F5, one of the famous adversary planes!

Construction: If you see my previous review of the BB cockpit, there is nothing else to say....it fit perfectly, the only difficult are is the activators behind the seat....pretty tricky !


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About the model, I rescribed all of it, closed the air intakes with a sheet of plasticard and made a "fake" bottom for the exhausts.

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air intakes with a plasticard to close all... exhaust, with a " fake " end.. Finished exhausts

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I encountered big problems with the wheel wells......pretty small, no markings for the gears...well, I didn't update this area and just tried to get the gears to fit well.



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This one was a real challenge for me, as I wanted to have the "Red 23" with his special scheme!




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Ok, I started with a coat of Testors Italian Dark Brown on the upper surfaces.


ready for the paint job.. first coat of dark brown..

When dry, I made the pattern of the "lizard " using MASKOL.....not easy....and took time.

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MASKOL...in case some didn't know it... close view on the wing with MASKOL not yet dry.. close view of the nose with the MASKOL on... all the MASKOL is applied on the model...
2nd coat of sand paint is applied...look carefully and you can see the Maskol under the paint

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model is ready for a coat of FUTURE !

When the MASKOL was dry, I just painted the model in Testors Italian Sand......

Ok, the best part of....you got to take all the MASKOL out......peeling it with a finger...and surprise....it works !  

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Here's two pics with my weathering technique, using Tamiya Smoke from  to make the panels line....applying some " smoke " in the lines an then wiped it out with a wet cloth.

applying " smoke " in panel lines... after the smoke is wiped off...

 A coat of FUTURE and I was ready for decaling !


    Decals: Came from the Twobobs sheet, easy to place, no troubles , nothing else to say...ho yes...give us some more Mr 2Bobs! Another coat of FUTURE and then a coat with a mixture of Matt/Gloss Testor to seal the job!

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Conclusion: Ok, that looks great, but for the next one I'll try to make the camo hand free....because I've got a sharp edge on the camo and I think that in the reality it has more smooth edges. My next projects...I'm still looking for a special A4; maybe a two seater..... an F-21 and the latest F-14 just coming out of the Twobobs workbench !!!  

Have a great modelling time all !  


IPMS Belgium Ans Modelisme  


Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels