1/72 Italeri T-45A

by Jeff Brundt



This is the Italeri T-45A in 1/72nd scale. Since I started working on the T-45 here at Boeing I had wanted a model of it for my desk. Our company gift shop has the hand carved display models but they are a bit pricey at over $120. So I decided I could build one for a little bit less. Unfortunately there are no mass produced T-45A's in 1/48 or larger so I was left with the only choice of Italeri's 1/72 scale version.  The model goes together rather quickly and some filler is needed on the underside between the fuse/wing join area. Since this was a desk display model I built it with the landing gear up. The gear doors fit OK but some filler is required to get a decent mold line appearance. I didn't detail out the cockpit too much and had initially thought I would just paint the clear areas opaque blue. However, I did paint the seats and interior so I left it clear. The canopy leaves a bit to be desired since it isn't that clear. There are some crazing lines internally in the plastic (very light). But at 1/72 scale I guess I can't complain too much.

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Painting was easy. After filler, sanding, masking and surface prep I sprayed the entire model with Krylon white primer then several thin coats of Krylon gloss white. I masked the nose area for the red and used brush applied acrylic paint from the craft store to
 do the red. The wings and vertical weren't masked. I freehanded those to the panel lines. After the red dried, I hand drew the outline of the anti-glare panel then free handed the black with acrylic craft paint. The decals went on very well and were nice and thin. The stars and bars on the upper left wing snuggled down very well to the stall fences there. After the decals dried I painted the intakes and engine exhaust nozzle.
 The a final clear coat of Krylon gloss was applied.

 A very easy model that took just a few days. I get a lot of questions when people come to my desk about where I got the model and that they wish they could afford one. I just smile and say it's nice.


Photos and text by Jeff Brundt