1/32 Trumpeter F-105G Thunderchief

by Leslie Choy



I build this kit O.O.B. with some slight changes. Beginning with the cockpit, using Squadron Walk Around as reference, I assemble and spray Gunze 317 (FS 36231) cockpit gray the instruments black. I deviate here a bit by replacing the both cockpit radar scope, using clear plastic over spray with clear orange and punch it out with Waldron punch.

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The engine and M60 vulcan cannon was assembled before I put the fuselage together. Some filler and sanding thereafter. From reference pictures, there are latches at the side of the cockpit when the canopy is left opened. Here, I removed some plastic slightly and add the latch later.

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I've some problem getting the wing's control surfaces to work, therefore I glued it to up position. I operate the trailing edge flaps during sanding and spray painting to over come some difficult corners, was left at up position after everything was done and was spared from being glued. The tail plane, various scoops and air intakes are then put together.

Due to the shear size of the Thud, the fuselage and the wings were spray painted separately. Gunze 303,309,310 and 311 were used. The kit's paint reference do not match up with the Walk Around paint reference, therefore alot of cross checking was involved during spray painting. I masked and spray black on various antennae. The tail tip was masked and sprayed gray. The whole model was coated with Future, decal and sealed with another coat of Future. Panel lines and details were highlighted with a Raw umber wash. Gunze flat coat was sprayed over  the next day. The exhaust was sprayed with silver and blend with clear blue and smoke. 

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After fitting the Thud's undercarriage, it was left over night for drying.  (I've heard of some reports of  it's weak undercarriage). The next day, it gave way seconds after it was left on its weight breaking some of it's parts. I've replaced all the undercarriage linkages using K&S (M52) brass rods. As for parts I1 and I2, I sandwiched a 0.5mm brass sheet with 2 plastic sheet matching the thickness of the original part. 
The base of the undercarriage was also widen with plastic sheet. Finally it stood on its own weight.

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I could not resist to further add on some details to the radar dish and radome as in the F105 Walk Around. 

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Lastly the canopy latches.

I choose to arm it up with AGM-45 ,  M-117 bombs and drop tanks.  Even though there's no reference whether there's such a configuration to the Thud.

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The whole project took me about 21/2 months to complete.


Photos and text by Leslie Choy