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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 Hasegawa Gates 35A Learjet by Tadeu Pinto Mendes

1/48  LearJet 23 -Revell - Testors Kit conversion by Renato "NIGHTRIDER" Torin Jr.

1/48 Hasegawa J.M.S.D.F. U-36A  by TandHK

1/48 Revell Learjet 35  by Renato "NIGHTRIDER" Torin Jr

1/48 Revell Learjet by Axel Grundmann

1/48 Revell Learjet by Axel Grundmann

1/72 Rareplane vacform Gates Learjet C-21A by Kevin Payne

1/48 Revell Learjet 35A "The Machine Head Machine" by Thomas Brückelt

1/48 Testor Gate Learjet 24D by RSK48, Rafael

1/48 Hasegawa Learjet 31 9V-ATE by David C S Teo

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