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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 FREMS MB-339A by Maurizio Bressan

1/48 FREMS MB-339 PAN by Maurizio Bressan

1/72 Supermodel Mb339 by Massimo Ginesi 

1/48 Frems Mb339A by Massimo Ginesi

1/48 Frems Aermacchi MB-339A by Brett Vecchiarelli

1/48 FREMS MB 339 PAN by Sean Chua

The Royal Malaysian Air Force by Shamsul Anwar Mohd Hussein 

1/48 Frems Aermacchi MB339A by Mazlan Yusof 

1/48 "FREMS" Aermacchi MB-339A by Busolini Massimo

1/72 Supermodel MB339AM by Thomas Ng

1/48 Skymodels SF260 and Frems MB339 by Marco Cossu

1/48 Ferms Aermacchi MB 339 AM by Brian Param

1/72 Supermodel Aermacchi MB-339A by Géza G'cart Szekér

1/72 Supermodel MB339  by Thomas Ng

1/48 Frems Aermacchi MB 339A  by Artur Oslizlo

1/48 Frems Aermacchi MB-339  by Petit James

1/48 Frems Aermacchi MB-339A by Carlo Luigi Tamiazzo

1/72 Supermodel MB 339 by KH Lee

1/72 Italeri PAN MB339 by Andrea Cittadini 

1/48 FREMS Aermacchi MB-339A PAN by Ermanno Bonafin

1/48 FREM Aermacchi MB-339AM by Raja Jamil Ariffin

1/72 Italeri Aermacchi MB-339CM by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan

1/48 Frems MB-339AM by Thomas Ng

1/72 Aermacchi MB-339AM/CM by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan

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