1/72 ESCI USN F-21 Aggressor Aircraft

Gallery Article by Pat Hawkey


I finished it in April of '94, so specifics are a bit hazy.  I started with the ESCI Kfir kit, which may have represented a prototype -- there were LOTS of detail differences between it and F-21s.  The decals came from Mirage sheets, the Kfir logo from a Testors 1/72nd F-21, I think, the VF-43 badge from a Microscale A-4 sheet, and all those red and white stripes from solid decal stock.  I DO remember the stripes, and how I wondered if they would ever end.  


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I also remember I had every intention of making this the subuject of a FSM article.  This was in the days they used B/W photos, and my processing lab (not sharp on their black & white procedure, I assume?) botched one of the two rolls of in-progress shots I'd taken -- leaving me with not enough pictures to do a decent piece.  I was not about to repeat building one of these just for some photos.

The indispensible piece of reference for the project was Osprey's Superbase 9, Yuma.

Pat Hawkey


Photos and text by Pat Hawkey