1/32 Hasegawa F6F-5N Hellcat

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


This is the Hasegawa 32nd kit with Waldron interior bits.  Two things about it bother me, and they were both at the request of the guy that commissioned the thing.  He wanted all the rivets retained and he wanted the rockets under the wings.  It didn't matter to him that Hellcat Night fighters did not fly ground support missions in the dark and that they didn't hunt Bettys in the night with rockets.  He thought they looked good hanging on the wings, so there they are.  Accuracy be damned.


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The kit comes with useless (in my view) vinyl tires, and I made an RTV mold off of them and resin cast my own replacements.  

Changed the No. from 92 to 62 because the guy getting the model wanted the 20 mms in the wings and the photo I've got of 92 on the deck of USS Block Island carries the standard six fifties.

Patrick Hawkey

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Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey