1/48 Academy F-5B

Gallery Article by LET.


The Republic of South Viet Nam began receiving the famous fighter F5’s in 1968, It was inherited from the USAF squadron “Shoki Tiger” with F5A /B. The first Squadron of VNAF was the 522 Fighter base at Bien Hoa, about 15 miles north of Saigon City.   

I built this F-5B from a basic ACADEMY 1/48 kit and decided painted this air plane from 522 Sq. VNAF color…with a colorful black/yellow checker band, you never missed them from 10 miles away.

I think they were all serious Air Warriors during that period of VIET NAM war… Note: I believe this aircraft was lost during a RECC mission along with an RF5…I need a re-confirm from those former VNAF guys!) 


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Decals were from Super decal F5s International Sheet, the Checker band We start from scratch, painted a yellow band first then cutting the black checker with old decals…) the results turned out very good!
A little rework with putty on the nose section, added the cockpit tub (original kit don’t have it!) and replaced the canopy from Monogram kit F-5F and dropped the flaps… 

The standard F-5’s camouflage pattern included 2 difference types, I painted this plane with a No2. Pattern ( F5’s in Middle East countries like Iran, Jordan etc.. with a reversed SEA colors), with S/N is a real air plane, you can find a picture in VNAF book, issues From Squadron publisher!

Voila, I have a camouflaged colorful jet with VNAF colors. Hope you enjoy it, especially from the former VNAF guys! Stay tune, I will do this again with an F-5A soon!…



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