1/48 ESCI F-5E

Gallery Article by Osni Vieira Junior


This is an F-5E of the 1/1 Jambock Squadron of the Brazilian Air Force.

I used automotive acrylic paint and dullcoat from Orion Models (different Orion Models from one in USA) on this models.


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I used references from the website http://www.mat.ufrgs.br/%7Erudnei/FAB/port/f-5.html and others.  This website is in Portuguese, but I'll include the link for anyone that is interested.

Comparing the Esci kit with the Revell shows that the Revell kit is the best deal.  The Esci kit has very good external detail but suffers from a poor interior.

I used liquid glue throughout the project.

The finish was achieved with a wash and dry brushing with oil paints followed by further dry brushing with pastels.

Osni Vieira Junior


Photos and text by Osni Vieira Junior