1/72 ESCI F-100

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


This is the ESCI kit with an Italeri seat, Revell Voodoo tanks, (fins added), separated and opened canopy, some Reheat P.E. in the cockpit, tilted stabilizers, removed and repositioned slats.

This is the airplane found in the Detail & Scale Colors & Markings of the F-100, bottom of p.43.


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Panel lines on the kit come nicely engraved. I slop a flat black acrylic wash (with enough dish washing soap to mess up the adhesion properties -- about 30-40%) over the entire model, let it dry, then wipe it off. The black stays in the recessed areas where you want it.

The wash has been described as a "sludge wash" which is an accurate although unattractive description. The ratio would be about 70% water, 25% soap and a dab of
paint. I guess. I don't measure with much science -- I know it's right when it's looking and behaving right. I'd say err on the side of more soap. When I do this technique I literally cover the whole model, others prefer to apply the wash just to the panel lines. Either technique works, it's just depends on individual preference.

Decals are straight out of the Italeri kit. Silver finish is Model Master Chrome Silver, tinted a couple times for dissimilar panels, under a layer of Testor's Glosscoat Lacquer. I built this one for a gentleman who flew F-100s in these markings -- 353rd TFS/354th TFW, Myrtle Beach AFB, in the early 1960s. According to the pilot, this unit was strictly Tactical Nuke and they NEVER carried anything under their wings except drop tanks or a practice bomb dispenser. (Put those Bullpups on something else.)

Patrick Hawkey


Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey