1/48 Academy Su-33

Gallery Article by Paul Brown


1/48 Academy Su-33using SOL Su-33 conversion

The kit is the Academy 1/48th with the Sol Su-33 conversion and a few bits from Neomega and Cutting Edge. 


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The Kh-35 antiship missiles are scratchbuilt, the big R-27 Alamos are from Model Point, the rest from the kit. 

The decals are taken from various sets, Hi-Decal and Sol amongst the list as well as some hand painted ones (St Andrew flags and Eagles on tails). Lots of plumbing was added to the landing gears, decades to decide on the most accurate colors. I have made the Sol Su-35 and 37 as well and for all 3 used a 1/144 Su-27 as a sort of color sketch to determine the coloring.  It helped to determine color relations before adding them to the main kit thus avoiding excessive layers of paint. 

Then some paint chipping and fading all from photos of Red 67 in the books available to me. The Su-35(Bort 710) is my favorite and if you like this one I'd love to send it sometime. I saw that Linden Hill is making decals for the Su-33 and wanted to get this out before I saw them (ordered 2)!

Paul Brown

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Photos and text by Paul Brown