1/48 Revell Tornado

Gallery Article by John Kettenis


After I finished my Desert Storm Tornado, I knew for sure that another Tornado will be built within due time. 

Indeed, within one year I started with a Mk 1A Tornado from 9 SQN. 

I chose this squadron because of the ALARM missile. I once read about the perfect performance of this missile in the Kosovo war in which more than 80 HARM missile were shot at one single SAM spot and never destroyed it. The British came and shot one ALARM missile. The SAM never came up again. †


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I found a great picture of a 9 SQN Tornado, which I used to build my Tornado. (see photo directly below).

The Revell kit is a disastrous kit. Nothing fits and a lot of plaster has to be used to fill the gaps (but this I already wrote in my Desert Storm Tornado article). 

It was my first camouflage model. I used a lot of masks to brush the camouflage and the gradual crossing between two†colours cost me a lot of time. Nevertheless, Iím satisfied with the result. †

I couldnít find the right squadron markings. I found one set from Xtradecal but these colours didnít match the real colours at all, therefore I painted them myself (the one on the forward fuselage and the bat on the rudder) and also the identitynumber (AK) of the plane I did myself, the rest is borrowed form a spares box from Airfix Panavia Tornado Gr 1A.

For ejection seats I used Paragon design ejection seats MB Mk 10. I also used Paragon design slats and flaps. The slats and flaps set of Paragon were easy to fit. Only some minor production faults were visible and these were also easy to repair. †

I cut some airdoors in the side air intake. This was nice and gave the model a special feature. †

Additional detail items I used were Paragon design ECR pods, Eduard Accessories exterior detail set, Eduard Accessories Gr 1A detail set. I also used a lot of additional tubes on the main and front gears. Also the pipes in the cockpit for the airconditioner had to be made. †

After all, the result is very satisfying and Iím sure there will be build another Tornado soon. †

John Kettenis

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Photos and text © by John Kettenis