1/144 Hobbycraft B-36

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


This Hobbycraft B-36.  It's a decent kit once you get past the orange peel surface texture.  Due to the silver finish she has to wear, step one must be to sand/polish the thing wingtip to wingtip, nose to tail.  With the multiple bulges on the wings, this is not a quick operation.  


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Overall the fit is good.  Trouble areas I found were the two piece propellor assemblies (a difficult seam to eliminate working around fragile prop blades -- multiply by six), fuselage section of wing to fuselage fit required attention and the clear parts didn't exactly pop into place.  The side blisters in particular need a bit of reshaping as their bottoms are flat and the fuselage they meet is quite curved. 

Silver finish is Testors Model Master Chrome silver in a couple different tints -- no metalizers involved.  Decals went on well but be prepared to spend some time getting those wingwalks in place.

Patrick Hawkey


Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey