1/48 Academy CH-113 Labradors

Gallery Article by Harv on Aug 12 2009


This is my second submission to ARC. The models are the Academy KV-107 kits, suitably modified and marked to represent a pair of aircraft from 14 Wing, Greenwood, Nova Scotia. The first pic was taken on the flightline, and when I submitted it to the base paper it fooled some people! I built these in 2005 for a pair of good friends, then borrowed them back for the picture. 11304 is the chopper that was rebuilt after an engine failure during a hoist training mission caused it to go down in the bush. It was towed over 15 km by road back to base.

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The second picture shows some of the extras I put into them, such as scratchbuilt parts cans, etc. I modified the tail for the APU, before the aftermarket resin piece was available (just my luck). The markings were a challenge as well, as I couldn't wait for the Belcher bits set. I used Mike Belcher's Voodoo decals to good effect, as well as some generic lightning bolts and other doodads.

Thanks to Mary Michilko for the tarmac shot


Photos and text by Harv