1/48 Revell Ka-50

Gallery Article by Armin Knes on Nov 23 2009


Here are some pictures of the first Kamovtwin, the Ka-50 in a service painting scheme. Today there are about 60 Ka-50's in Russian service.

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This kit was another ebay-deal...10 Euros, and when I was buying this kit, I thought I can take on of my two old Ka-50's and mod it to the Ka-52...which is just in progress. Rotorhead and the gun I was built simultaneously.

I built this kit without any aftermarket kits (there is only one small metal kit from Eduard), but I did alot of scratchbuilding: the complete cockpit, most of the Rotorhead and blades, partly the gun and exhaust pipes.

Enjoy it.

.....to be continued

Armin Knes

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Photos and text by Armin Knes