1/48 Academy F-14 A Tomcat  Diorama

Gallery Article by George Baxevanis on Dec 16 2009


VF-154 'High five'

Not much too say about the famous, beautiful F-14! The best plane of all times! 

This is my first built ever.  I always liked modelling, and always studied articles but never done anything of my own.  I made this one completely out of the box, as I believe that spending less is always better, and more creative in modelling! 

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The kit is the early Academy 1/48 F-14A. The fit is awful, and the kit is completely inaccurate. You have to re-scribe every panel line, and fix everything generally... The only thing good with the Academy kit is the weapon load that offers (pretty generous - 4 phoenix 2 sparrows and 2 sidewinders). I borrowed the ejection seats from a Hasegawa kit and I superdetailed them with core, real fibber, tissue and paper.  The pilots are from the Hasegawa navy 1/48 ground set, but I used different parts and some of them where cut and puttied to fit together.

For the exterior, I used 5-6 different shades of grey in order to make the fade effect of the panel lines. The chains that tie down the plane are made from 3 lines of cord twisted together, as I couldn't find the right scale chain. The base is a photo frame and the ground is a #400 sandpaper. The lines are painted after masking, so are the pinch holes of the carrier. Hope you like it.

George Baxevanis

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Photos and text by George Baxevanis