1/72 Italeri EF2000 Twin Seater

Gallery Article by  Ray Seppala on Jan 1 2010

Silly Week 2010


This is the good old Italeri EF2000 kit. I built this as part of a ‘Blitz Build’ organised by a friend from my local club. The Build Blitz idea was not his; he got it from on of the online forums. Basically you need to try and finish an unstarted kit in a 24 hour period. I did not quite make the deadline but finished it over the course of the weekend I made my attempt.

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I can’t account for the accuracy of the kit and in fact I didn’t care about it.  I dug the kit out of the stash and just hooked in. The kit went together quite quickly and then I decided not to use the kit decals. I dug through my decal stash and decided on a RAAF ‘What If’ representing 2 Operational Conversion Unit (2OCU). 2OCU is currently the RAAF Hornet training squadron and its aircraft display a tiger’s head as part of the squadron markings.

I used standard RAAF Hornet colours for the scheme so the decals I had would not look out of place. The tail was masked and sprayed with the tiger stripes and decals applied. I finished it off with a light panel wash. I was happy with the result and will more than likely participate in the next Blitz build the club organises.

Ray Seppala

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Photos and text © by  Ray Seppala