Gallery Article by Charlie Crawford on Jan 4 2010

Silly Week 2010


Yew Wooden guess it, but I built this when I was Board stiff. Yew Wood have been able to tell by the Plank look on my face. I was going to carve a fish, but I didnít have any Basswood, so that was Barking up the wrong Tree. 

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I was Pining for some ideas and Yew Cedar result. Itís Oak with me if you donít like it, but I think itís Cherry. It cost me nothing to make it, so it Willow me nothing if I decide to destroy it. Iím Knot sure what I built it Fir, that is, Iím Stumped. Lifeís a Birch and I should have gone to the Beech.

On a different note, the outhouse door is a genuine documentable 1/25th.-scale AMT model car kit part. Do you know what car kit it came in?

Charlie Crawford

Photos and text © by Charlie Crawford