1/48 Monogram F-102 Delta Dagger

Gallery Article by Nazarov Vladimir aka Nazar on Feb 9 2010


Today I will try to give on your court my extreme model, work over which lasted some years, basically because of loss of interest to the given technics and many complexities connected with this model.

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Old enough Monogram set, and now is decent enough show, in comparison with some younger "masterpieces". Competent sections of a fuselage and its joining with a wing, at first sight did not cause what complexities, at me all has begun with banal cutting of lines, having started to study a photo, I in absence of decent drawings, could transfer less precisely more a plane covering, is very strong in it "X-ray" from the Airplane for 1969 has helped.

After long seats in an Internet and thanks to the help of colleagues, I have chosen this variant of an interceptor. Unfortunately, on free sale, are absent decals on Vietnamese variants F-102 and I had to search for a way out leaning on the colleagues and companions. In this connection, I wish to express huge gratitude to our colleagues to Borodankovu Alexander aka the Beard and to Radetsky Alexey aka AlexR.

As a conclusion I can tell, that model not for beginners and what to finish it for more or less decent result, many efforts is required, but believe, it of that costs, the big "presidential" plane, becomes a worthy ornament of any collection, especially in an effective Asian camouflage.

Greetings from St.-Petersburg, Russia,  2010.

Yours faithfully 

Nazarov Vladimir aka Nazar

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Photos and text by Nazarov Vladimir aka Nazar