Canadian collection

Gallery Article by Harv on Feb 12 2010


For several years I've had an awesome time building models for my friend Reg Clarke. Both of us are Canadian Air Force types, just separated by a few decades. The neat thing is the aircraft types he has personal experience with, from the 50's to the 70's. My experiences only started in 1977, the year I moved to the training base at Moose Jaw, Sask at age 7. THAT's when I decided I wanted to work on planes! I musta spent more time lookin up than lookin where I was goin!

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Most models are the standard fare, typical of what was seen on the flightlines of the old days. Reg has a special place for the Search and Rescue branch, but his real passion is the Lockheed Neptune. Funny thing, I got to work on the real thing at the museum in Greenwood, Nova Scotia! 

Hope you enjoy looking at these pics. I enjoyed building them- for the most part. That DHC-3 Otter on floats really tested my tolerance.


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Photos and text by Harv