1/72 Tamiya F-4II S

Gallery Article by Zenden Ng on Feb 22 2010


I always like the F-4 Phantom.  Especially in the modern jet era where the F-4 is the first true model multi-role combat aircraft.  Able to carry out bombing, BVR interception and WVR combat with the range and payload.

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This is the Tamiya kit which is a rebox of Italeri kit.  Friendly price tag and comes with raised panel. Fit is just ok with acceptable detail. I wanted to depict it in multi role version with bomb load, BVR and WVR missiles. The kit comes with only missiles and drop tank. I decide to borrow bomb load from my Hasegawa 1/72 intruder kit to complete this F-4II S.

Kit was hand paint and  first time I used shading technique on raised panel detail to make it more realistic.

Industrial carbon black pigment was the material chosen. This pigment must used with care and gentleness. Once it stains on the surface, it is hard to rid of it. But this method helps to avoid pre-shading which is tedious and time consuming.

Finally one of my model kit wish is completed.

Zenden Ng

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Photos and text by Zenden Ng