1/32 Revell (Japan) P-40E Warhawk

Gallery Article by Kairasp Daruwala on Mar 17 2010


The Aleutian Tiger

Brief History :
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk “Yellow 49” was based at Aleutian China, Alaska in the Spring of 1943.  The son of General Claire Chennault, commanded the unit, which was nicknamed the “Aleutian Tigers” in his fathers honor.  This aircraft was very worn out due to sand blasting effect of the abrasive volcanic dirt on the island.

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Model :
This is my 1/32 scale P-40 Warhawk “Aleutian Tiger”. This kit was presented to me by my best friend, this kit is very old, I do not think Revell makes this model any more. 

The model was built right out of the box, its plastic was some what very brittle, so extreme caution had to be done when cutting small parts out of the tree. For paints as usual I used Model Masters Acrylic Paints.

The whole model is painted “Olive Drab” & on the bottom “Light Aircraft Grey” was used, spinner & outer wheel hubs were sprayed MM “Yellow”.  Some of you might say why I have spoilt the camouflage, the reason being that I have made “Yellow 49” & this aircraft was subjected to lot of Volcanic dirt, i.e. why its color has worn out, if a clean P-40 would have been made, without any dirt mark on it then this would have been not right. For decals I opted to use ”Barracuda Decals” because they got the right decals which I wanted, because the kit decals had Yellowed due to age. The moveable parts in this model are Aileron, Elevators, Rudder, sliding canopy, rotating prop, retractable gears but I have fixed them & the engine panel side covers. 

I hope you like my model. 

Kairasp Daruwala

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