1/72 Airfix Bristol F2B

Gallery Article by Fernando I. Moreno Villa on May 26 2010


Bristol F2B – Fuerza Aérea Mexicana

The 1920’s were the “golden age” of the Mexican aviation with a growing and innovative local aircraft industry.  However, the post-revolutionary political instability in Mexico couldn’t wait to have those projects ready to work in enough numbers and the Mexican Air Force had to rely in purchasing equipment abroad to fulfill their needs.  

Ten Bristol F2B were brought from Great Britain in 1928, being numbered 22 to 31.  They saw action against the Escobarista and the Cristeros rebellions. 

This is another kit from the old school.  It is curious how the box artwork is splendid showing all the details that the kit doesn’t have.  The entire scarf ring for the Lewis machine gun and the pilot / gunner seats were scratchbuilt, as well as interiors and many other details.

I have to confess it was not so difficult to have the basic frame assembled.  The challenge began while trying to place the lower wing, because this plane has the peculiarity to have it attached with small vertical rods to the fuselage.

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There are very few references to paint these early military planes during their service in Mexican hands.  With only few B&W pictures and some opinions from experts, I concluded it was overall Aluminum / Silver with a gray motor cover and wheels.  The last and most difficult part was to add the entire ringing web, for which I apologize because I know it is not 100% accurate.

You might note that the Mexican Air Force triangles seem to be incorrect, but the truth is that Bristol painted them wrong in the real aircraft prior delivery.  They were put into service so quickly, that nobody cared if they were right or not, at least at the beginning of their career in my country.  They should be bigger, but I had no other size available that matched with the width of the wings.  

This project was planned as a gift for a beloved relative who also loves Mexican history. This is the moment of the delivery at his ranch some miles away from Monterrey…I think this small Bristol F2B accomplished the mission very well…


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  • Dan Hagerdorn’s “Latin American Air Wars 1911-1969”

  • Photographic history of the Mexican Revolution by Agustín Casasola. 

Thank you all and regards from Monterrey, México.

Fernando I. Moreno Villa

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Photos and text © by Fernando I. Moreno Villa