1/72 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon

Gallery Article by Raśl Corral on June 4 2010


1/72 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon straight from the box

Yes, after years and years of modeling WWII "stuff" (Bf 109, Fw 190, P-47, the typical ones...) time had come for a change and do something "different".

Always very interested in the F-18's and Eurofighters of the Ejercito del Aire (the Spanish Air Force) I could not resist the boxart of Revell's Eurofighter Typhoon and bought it straight away, especially after knowing that the decal sheet included markings for an aircraft of the Spanish Fighter Wing "Ala 11". 

Construction was pretty good, apart from the very difficult fit of the delta wings. Take your time here, it can be a nightmare if you are not aware of this before hand!

The rest of the construction is quite good and easy. 

For a kit of such a small scale the overall level of detail is excellent ("profis" will find for sure errors!) and the options of armament and decals are stunning. Alone in one decal sheet you will find markings for NINE aircraft!!!

For the painting I used Gunze Sangyo Light Ghost Grey FS36375 carefully airbrushed over all the surfaces. Weathering was achieved with a mixture of enamels (Red Brown + Black) vert thinned in Humbrol Thinner. I chose of course the Spanish bird: the Eurofighter "11-04" from the Ala 11 (Fighter Wing 11).

Except the fit of the wings, it was a good experience for me to have changed for a while from all the WWII stuff.

The beautiful lines of this warbird are really well represented in this kit and the excellent decal sheet with hundreds of stencils and data will make happy to everyone, do not forget that you will be able to choose among nine markings from different European Air Forces!

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You can see more photos and links to the official website of the Spanish Air Force in my small web www.webmodelismo.com, with a step by step article about the construction.

I am sure I will build the two seater version from Revell soon... A good kit for a more than reasonable price (+ do not forget the great decal sheet you will find in the box!)

Hope you like the model, lot of things for improvement, of course, but it was my second modern jet built so far, the next one will be better!

Dedicated to all the pilots and members of the Ala 11 (Fighter Wing 11, Spanish Air Force) where I had the honor to spend nine wonderful months as a provisional Lieutenant  in 1997.

”Vista, Suerte y a Modelar!

All the best!

Raśl Corral

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