1/72 Revell Boeing B-52D

Gallery Article by Don Bryans on June 22 2010


Here are some photos of my BUFF. 
The model is by far my largest project to date, and was built straight out-of-the-box.  It took just over 9 months to complete.

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The kit went together very well.  I only had to undertake a little filling here and there, however, on my example the fuselage was slightly twisted.
I managed to ease it (almost) back to where it should be.  The tailfin was also distorted, but this was remedied by inserting a small piece of plastic sprue into the hollow fin.  The fin is detachable.

The model is mainly brush-painted, using Humbrol enamels.  All the Black areas are sprayed, using Halfords car paint.
Decals are as supplied, and are applied over a coat of Precision Paints satin varnish, and sealed with a second coat of the same varnish. 

I had problems with certain decals; the USAF one just folded in on itself.
It proved virtually impossible to tease out, so an appeal was made via the ARC Forum for a replacement (Thanks to Darwin/ yardbird78.)
Since the photos were taken, this has now been applied.

I left the moulded "hangers" on the wings and rear fuselage, as I was originally going to hang her from the ceiling, but after I'd completed the model, I thought better of it...  She is rather heavy.
Instead, I built a little wooden stand and she now looks down at the other aircraft in my Bomber Command hall!

So, would I build another?  The answer is "yes," despite the problems I encountered during construction.  There is a B-52H already in the stash...

Don Bryans

Photos and text by Don Bryans