1/48 Tamiya Avro Lancaster Mk.III

Gallery Article by Alex Kontiveis on Oct 25 2010


Avro Lancaster Mk.III, 300th Polish sqn


Hi ARC guys

This is my latest build.  An Avro Lancaster in 1/48.


The kit is the old Tamiya’s model and as far as you will see in my full story article…only few parts were used.  All the rest is handmade.  Paragon weighted wheel, Flightpath flaps and Eduard’s seatbelts were the extra help in purpose to earn some time.


The particular build is 100% documented, from nose to tail, from left red light to the right green. 

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What is visible at last.

  1. You can play with Pilot’s arm rest or co-pilot’ s stool through open window
  2. Switching on the lights you can clearly see all the Navigators and radio operators components.
  3. The Gee-p Device when the light is on.
  4. Going back you can see very clearly the Flare tube, Elsen toilet and many other items.
  5. Removing the middle turret (not glued) you can see all the rest.  

For a complete step by step story. 

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Cheers from sunny Greece



Alex Kontiveis

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Photos and text © by Alex Kontiveis